Scandalous Music, began business in the spring of 2002. With a small initial investment of $4,000, the fledgling company quickly generated $16,000 in sales in ten weeks. Since then, Scandalous Music has placed its music on records, soundtracks, and advertising beds used for television, radio, internet, & films. The group of talented composers, writers, and producers has worked with over 250 clients on nearly 500 projects and generated over a quarter of a million dollars in revenues.

In June 2009, Scandalous Music entered a marketing agreement with Jaryll Avid Corporation. The joining of Jaryll Avid's marketing abilities with the respected Scandalous Music brand has resulted in a company designed and tailored to give the 'new music business' the life line it badly needs. Expect to hear more about Scandalous Music in your local press, media, and on your favorite album or movie soundtrack.